Inspector Mwala real name, profile and family

He hails from Taita Taveta county where he also attended school before joining the local entertainment industry as an actor. He started out as a part-time actor on the then popular Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakani, back in the days when the only channel aired in Kenyan tellies was KBC.

He was brought in as a new face in Vitimbi in an effort to combat the competition from other local shows. According to an interview he had with Hot 96, Mwala got ksh 150 per show, which was all his salary in the first month of acting. In the second month, he earned a paltry ksh 450, and thanks to his resilience, his gigs increased as months went by and he became almost indispensable.

Water supply to Taita Taveta stopped as chlorine to treat it runs out

Voi town and its environs have been affected by the interruption after the board shutdown the Mzima water pipeline.

Taita Taveta’s water company, Tavevo, owes the board an accumulated debt of Sh411 million.

Taita Taveta shelves hospital fees review after uproar about service quality

Dr Mwangemi last week announced the review plan during a ceremony to hand over a refurbished laboratory at Moi County Referral Hospital in Voi, triggering fears that medical charges at the county health facilities would go up.

The announcement sparked an uproar as residents questioned standards of services and quality of personnel in the health facilities. In a July 8 release, Dr Mwangemi denied plans of reviewing the charges, perhaps retreating due to possible backlash based on response from residents.

Cotton touted as country’s future key economic driver

By BERNADINE MUTANU Despite cotton farming grinding to a halt in many parts of the.

Uncovering mysteries of life in Traditional Taita society through “wula” divination

By Pascal Mwandambo The old man sat under the shade of an acacia tree, his.

Joho waives Sh5 million hospital bills for Mombasa patients

Patients at the hospital received the news with joy.

Mary Akinyi, who has been admitted at the CGH for two weeks, said her bill had accumulated to about Sh30,000.

“May God bless the governor,” she told the Star.

Sexual abuse rampant in Taita Taveta mining sites– KNCHR

KNCHR vice chairman George Morara said women bear the blunt of sexual abuse with extreme cases of assault being reported where women were subjected to indecent searches.

“It was noted that mine owners harassed women by searching their private parts in search for stolen gemstones,” Morara said.

Taita Taveta Women beg county to curb rising rape cases

The women cited Mgange-Wesu road, which passes through Iyale Forest, as the worst hit by the rape cases.

Why Taita Taveta residents are opting to seek healthcare in Tanzania

Health County Executive Dr Frank Mwangemi said the county government was aiming at improving health services in all public hospitals across the county.

“Our people have a perception that public hospitals are offering poor services. We have really improved in many ways and we urge them to use our facilities,” he said.

Taita Taveta county suspends study leaves for health workers

Governor Granton Samboja had promised to crack the whip on health workers culpable of gross misconduct.

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