A Guest House Where You Declare Your Marital Status Before Admission

The debate on a Kericho guest house that threw out a legislator and her husband.

Stray lions kill 5 cows in Chawia, Taita Taveta

Ngerenyi assistant chief said they had spotted the lion’s footprints and warned the locals to remain vigilant.

Tsavo Assistant Director George Osuri said officers are camping near the villages to locate the lions and eventually capture them.

Residents have accused KWS of failing to take quick measures to capture stray lions that have been terrorising Chawia, Ngerenyi and Lushangonyi villagers in Taita Taveta County. 

Killing of wildlife by speeding trains worries animal lobbies

KWS’s Paul Mbugua, seconded to the SGR as a liaison officer, said only one lioness has been killed by a train.

“It was killed about 60km from Voi. It was in a family of lions, which might have separated,” Mbugua said.

Mbugua said Tsavo ecosystem, unlike the Nairobi National Park, covers a large area with a lot of wildlife that includes lions. He said a comprehensive electric fence would keep all animals away from the railway line.

Tsavo to sell World War battlefield as a package

Tsavo National Park is set to use the First World War battlefield as a specialised.

Monument erected in honor of Africans who died in World War 1

At the crest of Mwashoti Hill inside the sprawling Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Mwatate.

How Taita women arrest men with no where to run

This is how Taita women dangerously use police spikes to become the queens in bed..

KFCB to fight sex tourism, child prostitution at the coast

Kioko cited the recent case of Keith Morris, 72 who has been convicted by a British court for sexually abusing children in Kilifi.

The British pensioner was convicted of nine counts of child abuse in the Kilifi child sex case.

Step away from the sandy beaches and explore coast in its entirety

The following day at Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge was just as delightful. The entire lodge is housed in individual rondavel-style buildings raised on multiple sturdy pillars. These structures are arranged around a series of watering holes which are visited by the animals at all times, day and night. The lounge and bar have balconies, decks and wide windows all around for unobstructed animal viewing. You will have the wondrous experience of watching gazelles, waterbucks, impalas, zebras, elephants and many more.


​​ A conversation between two groups , A conversation between those in power and the.

Locals near parks should share tourism cash, says World Bank

Communities living in and on the outskirts of national parks should get a fraction of.

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