NYS Buses to provide services at a flat rate of ksh 50

  By Milkah Righa Public services in my understanding are services that a government provides.

Voi Lower Market Relocation Project: A symbol of the rising tide of Anti-wealth Creation mentality in Samboja Administration

By Oginga Randiki Brief Background Taita-Taveta County should be grateful that so many people are.

Writer and activist laid to rest

By Correspondence Free Lance writer, activist and blogger Kennedy Mwabili commonly known as Bill Ringoma,.

We love our dead more than we do our living.

Two weeks ago, Sabina was brutally attacked and raped by unknown people at Lushangonyi village. She was left for dead. She was in comatose. She was rushed to Wesu. After some days, she had to be transferred to Mombasa for specialized treatment.

How Kenyatta family will ‘benefit’ from collapse of Muthama’s mining empire

There are three main operators in the multi-billion precious stones mining industry who include Muthama, businessman Kamlesh Pattni, former Mwatate MP Marsden Madoka and the Kenyatta family. 


I just read the supplementary budget. In your office alone, three key issues stand out.

The Mwaisaka storm brewing in Taveta over his gaffe is not going away.

It’s an open secret. Mwaisaka is the shadow King. He is the ruler behind the curtains. He is the central pillar holding the County government’s edifice together.

With each new dawn, Samboja increasingly reminds me of Okonkwo.

Samboja is being ruled by great fear. Fear of being thought unlearned. He has paralyzing phobia of what people will say of his academic papers.

Taita Taveta County Engaging in Illegal Appointments

Looking at the list of officers appointed in an acting capacity as CCOs, most do not qualify to be even Directors, let alone CCOs and have not been vetted by the county assembly.

Sylvester Mwaliko: Is he fit for Public Service

In 2005, Mr. Mwaliko was charged in the Chief Magistrate Court in Nairobi under the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act no. 3 of 2003. He objected to the trial and appealed for a constitutional reference. He lost the appeal in 2006.

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