Tragedy in Wusi Kishamba as a US based scientist passes on

The family needs only 200,000k for transporting the body from JKIA, burial, food and other costs. This is money we can raise if we really want to. It is the last benevolent thing we will ever do for Mama Evence. Help reunite a mother with her dead son. A smile on the face of Evence.

Is Uhuru going to betray Ruto?

This question is simply dense; silly almost. It is inconsequential. The answer matters not. Any.

Open letter to Taita Taveta CECM Health services Dr. Frank Mwangemi

Dear Dr. Frank Mwangemi, You are a rare man to find. No surprises there. A.

It’s when we are flying over Tsavo Super Bridge that it comes back to me.

On Sunday I find myself in a Nairobi-bound SGR coach on a second class. Most.

Governor Samboja bans land ownership transfer

A 19th April 2018 press release from the county went trendy. GS has temporarily lifted.

Taita Taveta County Government a curse to bright needy students

Yesterday I listened to Julius Malema’s fiery speech during Winnie Mandela’s burial. We all did..

How my dream to be ‘Bruce Lee’ ended

  Late Thursday evening finds me wolfing down chipo mwitu at Sofia Madukani, watching two.

Senator Jones Mwaruma Sir, Kindly talk to Najib Balala

I have no quarrel with a German tourist flying from Munich to come and enjoy Baboon Soup while watching the sun set. God knows farmers in Bura and Mwakitau have suffered enough from those pesky apes.

Taita Taveta County first lady: An inconspicuous figure

The woman knew about the service more than she did of the provider! While most of us might laugh at the woman’s ‘ushamba’, she personifies thousands of rural folks amongst us.

Will governor Granton Samboja deliver?

By Tito Almasi Nine months after 2017 elections, this is the question plaguing our minds..

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