It’s when we are flying over Tsavo Super Bridge that it comes back to me.

On Sunday I find myself in a Nairobi-bound SGR coach on a second class. Most of you folk ride it daily (First Class I know) and you don’t bitch about it!

Well, that’s you. To me, it’s a huge deal!

Anyway, I get a 3-aside seat by the window. The darn thing cruises like a dream!

It’s when we are flying over Tsavo Super Bridge that it comes back to me.

That rainy November morning in 2016. A section of SGR embankment under construction collapsed. The mini accident came when NASA-Jubilee political animosity was at its zenith.

The collapse was a Godsend for NASA universe giving opposition heavy firepower. NASA termed it as a monument of incompetence that best symbolized what Jubilee Government stood for!

Supporters were orgasming all over the internet in unbridled glee. Folks like Maghanga Wa Mwangoji spent tireless nights in ecstacy reminding us ‘Chinese stuff, just like Jubilee, will not last.’

A hideously ugly side in ourselves was exposed. We wished the collapse be total. From pillars, to rails, to signaling stations-we wanted the whole SGR system turned to dust.

It was politics. But it didn’t end there.

We wished roads to collapse so that Jubilee looks bad. We prayed for mayhem, chaos, destruction, tragedies and death to our homes. When Alshabab butchered passengers in buses, we wished more could die so their deaths would be a motif of ineptness of Jubilee administration in providing security.

We wished the worst for our brothers and Mother Kenya just to spit on the government’s face.

It was our time for ManMan Madness; a time we dearly wish to wipe from our collective memories.

This Madness has Finally Caught Up with TTC.

Madness so vile that we wish a hundred people can die at Moi County Referral Hospital to show health system in TTC is dysfunctional..

Madness so evil we wish all our candidates in Class 8 and Form 4 would get straight E’s so we can blame the county for lacking proper educational policies.

Madness so shameless we wish for an outbreak of Avian Flu so we can say our medics are totally unqualified. We wish for a five-year severe drought so we can say the county didn’t empower its farmers to get proper harvest.

We wish all county projects to completely fail so that this failure can be used as fodder and campaign ‘bongapoints’ for 2022 politics. We wish nothing positive ever happens so that we can sing ‘We are First-Class Failures’ and find someone to blame for it.

This is TTC, eight moons after the ballot.

If UK lost, would he have taken SGR, roads, electricity, title deeds et all back to Gatundu? Silly question that one. He wouldn’t.

After the handshake, all is well and rosy. SGR is now everyone’s darling. We are suddenly focused on delivering the Big 4. The animosity and hate is no more. We now wish Mother Kenya all the best.

Sadly, those who might have died ‘to show’ how Jubilee is incompetent will remain dead. A million handshakes will never bring them back to life. Nothing will.

Those maimed will remained maimed.

Politics of the day should never move you to be so disloyal to wish evil on your land. Condemn and criticize when you must. As Kahlil Gibran says, it should not be driven by hate or malice but out of love for your country (county).

To corrupt Stephen King’s, ” Politicians are short timers. Today, here; tomorrow gone. But your land is all timer. It is forever.’

Wish all ills you can for your county. This is the only home we have.

Long after Sambojas, Mruttus, Mwadeghus and Mwatelas are gone, the collapsed education system we so fervently pray for to prove a political point will haunt your grandchildren to the sixth generation.

Because all prayers will finally be answered.

As for Maganga Wa Mwangoji who has since boycotted Mash for Madaraka Express, I expect nothing less than a 10-paged poem in praise of that ride published in 3 major dailies with nationwide circulation.

That is a fitting penance for this month. ๐Ÿ™‚

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